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america involved in a costly new war in syria. the president is not telegraphing, what, if anything, he intends to do about this week's alleged chemical weapons massacre. ed henry is traveling with the president and reports from scranton, pennsylvania. >> reporter: while both he and joe biden focused on domestic issues, on the international stage president obama found his credibility on the line as he used a cnn interview to comment about the alleged chemical weapons attack in syria that may have killed up to 1,800 people. >> when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale and again we're still gathering information about this particular event, it is very troublesome. that starts getting to some core national interests that the united states has. both in terms of us making sure that weapons of mass destruction are not proliferating and needing to protect our allies. >> reporter: that was a nod to deliberation sources say are happening inside the administration over whether the u.s. military will use cruise missiles to punish syrian president bashar al assad yet the presiden
america's national security agency cracked the code of the united nations' internal video conferencing network last year. that led to the significant jump in the nsa's reporting on the u.n. a u.n. spokesman says the bugging violates international agreements. they say they will not respond to the documents and that the u.s. engages in the same intelligence gathering activities as other nations. >>> the keystone pipeline decision could be pushed back to 2014. however, a published report is dispute thad an inspector general's inquiry into a possible conflict of interest involving a contractor is holding things up. they don't deny the potential delay. >>> still ahead -- is america running out of doctors? first, how the veterans administration actually encourages employees to take the easy way out at the veterans' expense. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. i knew that i coul
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is better for our friends and neighbors and ourselves than what they believe. >> and the america i live in disagreement is a way of life, that's how you get better solutions. you know, i don't want to be in an america where you cannot have dissent or disagreement. >> reporter: priebus warned the gop about being too combative at the expense of the conservative movement. >> if you just want to be angry, if you don't want to be a problem solver, you're putting yourself ahead of the movement, you're putting your personal ambition in front of your patriotic duty. >> reporter: what republicans seem most excited about, the digital campaign. there's a lot of work to do to catch up with democrats. but they'll roll out more this fall. >> thanks. >>> stocks finished on a down note. dow lost 31, s&p 500 fell 5, nasdaq dropped three for the week, dow lost 2.25%, worst week this year. s&p 500 dropped a little over 2%, nasdaq about a point and a half. >>> speaking of big money, the obama administration has bet and lost heavily on green energy. think solyndra. that has not stopped the white house from
't like america. >> reporter: out of 12 witnesses to take the stand this first day, one was shot in the massacre not once but seven times. he was very calm and collect on the stand. when it came time to be cross-examined by major nidal malik hasan, he had no questions for him. >> casey siegel at fort hood, thank you. >>> former president george w. bush is recovering at a hospital in dallas. they found an artery blockage. they inserted a stint earlier today. let's talk about it with fox news medical analyst dr. siegel from new york. what happened? >> we heard from his senior spokesperson who said he was going to cooper for his regular physical. he was having no symptoms. the physical in terms of being a former president, as vigorous as he is, includes a stress test. it showed some ekg changes. that led them to do a special cat scan which showed a blockage, then came the angiogram, where they fed a catheter up through an artery in the groin up to the heart to the blocked artery which they then opened. i have the stint here with me. you can see this tiny balloon is dilated, and this
on millions or hundreds of millions of america americans. >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> reporter: the president stressed privacy is protected. >> none of the revelations show that government actually abused these powers. >> reporter: yet key lawmakers insist they do not have enough information to verify that claim. >> members of congress were not aware on the whole about what these programs were being used for, the extent to which they are being used. >> reporter: a daily beast report claimed they intercepted a conference call between more than 20 al qaeda leaders. officials are saying the u.s. had some sort of electronic intercept that showed communication between top al qaeda leaders and in fact they were plotting attacks. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. >>> yemen has become ground zero for the al qaeda movement. national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon tells us how that came about. >> reporter: yemen officials claim to have foiled a massive terror plot that would have targeted oil pipelines and ports, giving al qaeda control of ye
. this is "special report". >>> good evening. we begin tonight with the confusing jobs picture in america. sometimes in washington and on the campaign trail you hear candidates calling for one armed economists. so those economists can't say on the one hand and on the other hand. in other words, you can use numbers to prove anything that is even remotely true. so as one key unemployment indicator hits a six-year low we take a closerer look at some of the arithmetic you don't often hear about. >> reporter: over the last four weeks jobless claims jobbed to 335,000 on average, the lowest average since november 2007. it is another sign coupled with last month's rate that the economy may be pulling out. >> i think the general pattern from this report, other data coming in is the economy is continuing to heal. >> reporter: another employment number may help to explain why businesses remain hesitant. it is the u-6 rate which includes under employment. it stands at 14.3%. >> we are in the fifth year of recovery and yet people are dropping out of the workforce. i have never seen that happen before. >> reporte
five" special report is next. see you tomorrow. >>> america gets off the sidelines following the deaths of hundreds of people in egypt, president obama has seen enough. this is "special report." good evening. i'm john robertson for bret baier this thursday evening. president obama says it can no longer be business as usual between the united states and egypt. the death toll from fighting between the military backed leadership and muslim brotherhood supporters has now eclipsed 600. now, the u.s. has issued a very public rebuke of the egyptian government. wendell goler is with the president on martha's vineyard tonight. >> reporter: egypt's most violent day since the ouster of hosni maubarak pulled the president out of vacation briefly and said the u.s. will boycott joint exercises that had been set next month. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> reporter: the biannual exercises began two years after the egypt-israel peace treaty and once a mainstay of the relationship and haven't been
of the intern aligned against them, you have the united states of america providing assistance to the opposition. this is a situation that is on-going. >> there was a lot going on in the middle east. let's start in syria where there are allegations by rebels on the ground that chemical weapons have been used to kill more than a thousand people. they're allegations it is impossible to verify, to dangerous to get in there for journalists, but those are the allegations right now, and this is the second time these allegations have been coming forward with video to follow them. we'll start there. before we get to the panel and introduce them, here is what the president said before going into libya in 2011. >> to brush aside america's responsibility as a leader and more profoundly, our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are. some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before ta
: some democrats are not so sure. senator chris murphy declaring absent imminent threat to america's national security, the u.s. shouldn't take military action without congressional authorization. barbara lee, the only to vote against war in afghanistan, said congress needs to have a full debate before the united states commits to any military force in syria or elsewhere. a fox news poll in may before the large scale chemical attack found 68% of americans felt the u.s. should not be more involved in syria. 23% wanted a bigger u.s. role. >> what replaces assad might not be better or at least may not be better for the united states. again, u.s. military action should at some level advance u.s. security interests. >> reporter: tonight, republican scott ridge ellis calling for debate on this action in syria. i am told the president has no plans to call such session. officials note that officials in the white house have been calling lawmakers in both parties and the president has been reaching out to key allies in europe to build a coalition. bret? >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank y
, unintended consequences where america's enemies double down rather than retreat. >> reporter: as the obama administration weighs its response to syria's alleged use of chemical weapons, the state department acknowledged the risk. >> there are a variety of factors that go into that determination, possible unintended consequences, possible effects in the region, all of that is part of this big picture that we look at. >> reporter: among compelling examples, clinton administration's response to simultaneous truck bombings in tanzania in 1998, which left 223 dead, more than 4,000 injured. this pharmaceutical factory in the sudan, believed at the time to produce chemical weapons and training camps in afghanistan were bombed in retaliation. with hindsight, observers say clinton missile strikes strengthened the bond between the taliban and al qaeda, paving the way for the uss cole bombing and a chance to bring terrorism to america's shores. >> you use limited military power to send a signal. in this case it was that al qaeda will not be allowed to threaten the united states. the immediate afterma
. hasan complains america's ban on cruel and unusual punishment promotes flogging of a forn cater or severing a hand of a thief. >> it is clearly an after the fact issue where he is trying to put the sort of personal jihad into a larger religious and sort of geopolitical context and justify what he is doing perhaps in a sense to himself but also in large measure to the folks in the islamic world. >> reporter: on his relationship with the radical cleric hasan writes he was my teacher, mentor and friend. i hold him in high esteem. >> he is saying he is a home grown extremist and somebody who identifies with al qaeda's ideology. >> reporter: in court wednesday the military judge denied the use of three alleged e-mails by the prosecution. >> and the judge declined to impose a gag order on hasan. fox news asked the officer at fort hoods if they would wish to comment on the statements and there was no immediate response. >> what can you tell us about the military pay that nidal hasan is currently receiving? >> until his time after the arrest hasan has received close to $300,000 in milit
% of criminal prosecutions in america, and state and local handling the rest already exercise the discretion he urged. >> i think district attorneys across the country are shaking their head. it is almost impossible to get a united states attorney to take a quote, low level drug possession case, closed quote. i see his announcement as telling federal prosecutors to not prosecute cases they are currently not prosecute. >> reporter: when asked why the reforms were taken now, when prison overcrowding and issues have been known for decades, doj says the attorney took similar measures three years ago. holder is coming off a string of highly publicized controversies. >> we will talk about it with the panel. >>> so many immigrants are headed to the u.s. from mexico, they're renting hotel rooms for some and turning others loose into the country. william la general he is has the story. >> reporter: illegal immigrants aren't typically treated to hotel rooms. after 550 mexican immigrants claimed asylum in one week near san diego, armed agents had to escort an overflow of families to hotels. two border pat
america shouldn't pay its bills that are already run up. that we should shut down government, if they can't shut down obama care. >> reporter: talking college affordability does get young people excited. and today in buffalo, the president unveiled a plan to set up a ranking system for universities that will tie financial aid to how well they're doing on tuition costs and others. the republican chairman praised the president for pushing competition, although klein added i remain concerned that p proposing a college ranking system could curtail the price controls. so with little chance of it passing congress, the president is likely to use executive power, a strategy he has already deployed on a range of other issues. brett? >> ed henry, traveling in syracuse. well, what do you think on the president's plan of ranking colleges, and what do you think of his bus trip? let me know on twitter, you can follow me @brettbaier. >>> at least 17 women are accusing the democrat of making unwanted advances or inappropriate statements. we expect to have more tomorrow and will have a complete report on
-thirds of said he made them feel hopeful. >> because of what we have done change has come to america. >> reporter: now the young americans are facing tough times with potentially tougher times ahead leaving many confused about their future. >> my generation is bearing the brunt of this awful economy. i talk to young people across the country right now and they are extremely frustrated with the status quo. >> reporter: it all circles back to one four letter word, jobs. the unemployment crisis young americans face is astonishing when you look at the numbers. june's unemployment numbers show teens from 16 to 19 years of age have an unemployment rate of 24%. that's nearly double the unemployment rate of 20 to 24 which stands at 13.5% still way above the national average. now, that rate dips dramatically as persons ages 35 years, 45 years unemployment rates at levels below. july's numbers were only slightly better. those staggering unemployment numbers translate into a complete standard of living change for a whole generation of young people. >> i think you can see some of the economic consequences ha
in south america were shut down because of security concerns. and in 1999, six embassies in africa were closed also for security reasons. >>> now from preventing a terror strike to cleaning up, fox news learned about steps the obama administration is taking to keep a lid on what happened in last fall's benghazi attacks. chief washington correspondent james rosen has new information tonight. >> reporter: veterans of the intelligence community tell fox news they never witnessed the kind of sensitivity to press leaks that top officials at cia are exhibiting on the subject of benghazi. one cia source describes it as, quote, a nuclear blanket. >> why are these heroes told not to talk? what is the administration afraid of? what is it protecting? >> reporter: amid reports of cia administering polygraph tests to benghazi survivors, reports agency spokes men dismissed, they learned of five cia personnel on the ground in benghazi the night of september 11 that were forced to sign nondisclosure agreements, even though all five already signed such documents with the clear understanding they were be
's been undermining us in syria, in north korea and latin america. you name it. then the snowden thumb in the eye, and the president's assertive rooshgs have to did with gays and lesbians in the politicices. pretty telling. >> yes. >> his own justice department has been charged with easy peen nosh. bob answered, no. i mean, i'm sorry. is he a patriot? obama answers, no, he's not a patriot. now, there's a ringing denunciation of a guy whom his own add min stragsz ministratio spy and essentially a traitor. >> the gop's highest percentage so far when charles talked about the benghazi debacle. >>> turning up the heat on the president, and conceding there will be glitches. >>> i think the really interesting question is why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail, their number one priority, the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care, and presumably repealing all those benefits i just mentioned. >> well, it was the most fir
stamp program in america. it turned into big business with marketing, with help from the theatrics of soap opera. peter boyle reports. >> self reliance has always been integral part of culture. >> reporter: in this town, the pastor preaches a message of self reliance. >> listen to this. they may give up their life for freebies. >> self reliance, counting on themselves, not having a handout. >> i want to remind them who they were, who we are. self reliance, self-respect go together. >> reporter: which might explain why pastor ramirez is angered by something he heard from the usda awhile back. our story begins in 2008, ends a few years later, and provides a troubling glimpse into how a usda under both republican and democratic administrations has come to see its mission as pushing food stamps on groups of people reluctant to take them. the agriculture department produced a series of spanish language radio spots. the usda made them available to any radio station that wanted to play them. >> the united states department of agriculture, and supplemental nutrition program snap are proud
of the oldest art forms in america. its mournful strains tell the story of a god fearing people who long lived in remote places like the vast reaches of ashe county, north carolina. >> this is not an environment it is easy to get by. >> reporter: lee mcmillan a local business man. >> it has been tough times here. >> reporter: what kind of folks did this land produce? >> they were a fiercely independent bunch of people, believed strongly in self reliance. >> reporter: loni is a retired engineer. >> they do, or do without. ♪ >> reporter: for countless generations, the people of ashe may do by growing tobacco, raising cattle on small family ranches, producing lumber from the vast forests that still surround them. what do they do when hard times came? >> my daddy got a job logging. >> reporter: he is a retired saw miller. >> got 2.50 a day, and boy, he could have given up but didn't do this. this mountain pride took over. >> reporter: we heard a lot in ashe county about this thing called mountain pride, this deeply held belief it is best to do for one's self. but as the federal government sees i
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that he wants america to be loved. he made a tour of the muslim world early on we are going to respect you and early relationship and open hand to iran, a reset with russia. this is the idea that america somehow if nice will be treated well. this is the fruits of being benghazi, having our ambassador attacked and nothing happening to the bad guys. a result of russia we warned about snowden. there will be consequences. russia holds him, there are none. threatening iran saying you will be held accountable, and then on syria, the president of syria has to go and he will be held accountable if weapons of mass destruction are used. there is no sense anywhere in the world if you kill an ambassador and attack a u.s. ambassador you ignore it and you stick a finger in its eye that anything will happen to you. i think they have a sense now they -- i'm talking about al qaeda and the terrorist and they can spread and grow wherever they strike they will be relatively unmolested and the fact obama talking talks about ending the war as if he can declare tended is an intricate element of that. >> bret: kr
interests of the united states of america. >> we certainly shouldn't cut off all aid. there are no good choices in egypt. the fact is, there are no good guys there. >> where are we headed for? algeria. the brotherhood will go underground, al qaeda will come to their aid, you will have armed people on your hands in the next 60, 90 days, have a failed system in egypt, have to suspend our aid because we can't support the reaction of the military, even though the brotherhood overplaying their hand started this, we can't support what the military is doing in response. >> the violence is increasing in egypt on the ground. today's developments, hosni mubarak, the former president, will be released according to the interim government in coming days. we have some polls out about the handling of u.s., egypt policy. first, a better approach for the u.s. to egypt? cut off military aid to pressure the government, 51%. continue the military aid, 26%, don't know, 23% from pew. the president's response to the violence against anti-government protesters, not tough enough. 50%. there you see the rest. do
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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